ICFCA 2019

International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis June 25 - 28 Frankfurt, Germany
© Kevin Rupp | Frankfurt UAS

Invited Talks
Markus KrötzschToo Much Information: Can AI Cope With Modern Knowledge Graphs? (pdf)
Steffen StaabConcepts in Application Context (How we may think conceptually) (pdf)
Sergei ObiedkovLearning Implications from Data and from Queries(pdf)
Bernhard GanterAttribute Exploration - Software Needed (pdf)
Sébastien Ferré, Marianne Huchard, Xavier DolquesHow to deal with relational data in FCA?(pdf)

Long talks
Bernhard Ganter"Properties of Finite Lattices"' by S.~Reeg and W.~Weiß, revisited (pdf)
Christian MeschkeLattices of Orders (pdf)
Kira Adaricheva and Taylor NineslingDirect and Binary Direct Bases for One-set Updates of a Closure System (pdf)
Tim Pattison and Aaron CeglarSimultaneous, polynomial-time layout of context bigraph and lattice digraph (pdf)
Francesco KriegelJoining Implications in Formal Contexts and Inductive Learning in a Horn Description Logic(pdf)
Tom Hanika, Maximilian Marx and Gerd StummeDiscovering Implicational Knowledge in Wikidata(pdf)
Aimene Belfodil, Adnene Belfodil and Mehdi KaytoueMining Formal Concepts using Implications between Items (pdf)
Jaume BaixeriesA Formal Context for Closures of Acyclic Hypergraphs (pdf)