ICFCA 2019

International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis June 25 - 28 Frankfurt, Germany
© Kevin Rupp | Frankfurt UAS

Accepted Papers
Guozhi Ma, Lankun Guo and Cheng YangA characterization theorem for continuous lattices by closure spaces
Francesco KriegelJoining Implications in Formal Contexts and Inductive Learning in a Horn Description Logic
Petr Krajča and Martin TrneckaParallelization of the GreConD Algorithm for Boolean Matrix Factorization
Oscar Defrain and Lhouari NourineDualization in lattices given by implicational bases
Tatiana Makhalova and Martin TrneckaA Study of Boolean Matrix Factorization Under Supervised Settings
Aimene Belfodil, Adnene Belfodil and Mehdi KaytoueMining Formal Concepts using Implications between Items
Alexandre Bazin, Jessie Carbonnel, Marianne Huchard, Giacomo Kahn, Priscilla Keip and Amirouche OuzerdineOn-demand Relational Concept Analysis
Tim Pattison and Aaron CeglarSimultaneous, polynomial-time layout of context bigraph and lattice digraph
Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Emilio Muñoz-Velasco and Manuel Ojeda-AciegoA relational extension of Galois Connections
Lucas Bourneuf and Jacques NicolasConcept lattices as a search space for graph compression
Tatiana Makhalova, Sergei O. Kuznetsov and Amedeo NapoliOn Coupling FCA and MDL in Pattern Mining
Justine Reynaud, Yannick Toussaint and Amedeo NapoliUsing Redescriptions and Formal Concept Analysis for Mining Definitions in Linked Data
Jaume BaixeriesA Formal Context for Closures of Acyclic Hypergraphs
Kira Adaricheva and Taylor NineslingDirect and Binary Direct Bases for One-set Updates of a Closure System
Christian MeschkeLattices of Orders
Alexandre Bazin and Giacomo KahnReduction and Introducers in d-contexts
Tom Hanika, Maximilian Marx and Gerd StummeDiscovering Implicational Knowledge in Wikidata
Priscilla Keip, Alain Gutierrez, Marianne Huchard, Florence Le Ber, Samira Sarter, Pierre Silvie and Pierre MartinEffects of input data formalisation in Relational Concept Analysis for a data model with a ternary relation
Bernhard Ganter"Properties of Finite Lattices"' by S.~Reeg and W.~Weiß, revisited
Víctor Codocedo, Mehdi Kaytoue, Amedeo Napoli and Jaume BaixeriesSampling Representation Contexts with Attribute Exploration